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 If you suffer from hypothyroidism, then you're intimately familiar with the fatigue, the loss of hair, the cold hands and feet, the weight gain and the uncontrollable mood swings. My wife has lived with this condition since her teens, and there are days when she can't get out of bed in Live Lightly, Tread Brightly Tips to improve your life and make the world a brighter, healthier and Greener place.the morning, and has to take a two-hour nap in the afternoon.

The problem is that medication for hypothyroidism-such as Synthroid-can be prohibitively expensive, especially since it must be taken consistently throughout life to maintain treatment.There are, however, alternative thyroid remedies for hypothyroidism that aren't nearly as expensive, but which produce the same or similar effects. Of course, every body is different, and some respond better to alternative medicines than others. Just like some people don't benefit from Synthroid, others won't experience change with these remedies.

However, if you are like my wife, you might be looking at alternative options.There are two classes of alternative thyroid remedies, both of which have shown positive results in a wide variety of hypothyroid sufferers. The first comes in a bottle and is taken in liquid form, usually with a dropper that is inserted in the top. This is usually the most expensive type, and my wife hasn't tried it. For example, Thyroid Assist from Nature's Remedies is considered one of the top products, but costs around $50 for a five-month supply of the drops.

The second type of alternative thyroid remedies is a medicine that comes in pill form, and is generally less expensive. The product my wife uses, called Raw Thyroid, is produced by a company called Natural Sources and costs around $20 for a three-month supply. As you can see, the price difference is considerable. However, you should also know that the materials used in the production of these two hypothyroidism therapies is different as well.